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The MindSpa Personal Development System

Exercise Your Mind to Improve Cognitive Enhancement, Reduce Stress and Attain Better Sleep Quality!

“After 50 years of chronic insomnia, when everything I tried to help myself was a complete waste of time and money, to find this little gem was an answer to my prayers. It actually works!

“I would say to anyone who has a sleep disorder and is looking for a positive remedy, look no further than the MindSpa. It is a little gem! I wish I had found it years ago.”

– Maureen Ayrton; Liverpool, England

The Benefits of Deep Relaxation

With nearly 25 years experience in neurotechnology, health, sleep and stress, we are experts in helping people lead better quality lives. 

MindSpa helps improve cognitive enhancement, neuroplasticity, the ability to get a good night’s sleep and reduce stress through the well-researched process known as brainwave entrainment.

When specific frequencies of light and sound are introduced and set at brainwave frequencies a natural process known as Frequency Following Response occurs. 

The mind naturally tunes itself to outside stimulation much like a good musical beat gets your foot to follow along. A common example of the following response is the natural relaxation effect you receive when you gaze into a warm winter fire, or stare at a gently flickering candle. It is that frequency of the flicker that creates the meditative relaxation effect you feel. This is known clinically as photic driving.

MindSpa is a passive system requiring minimal effort and training on your part. It will gently guide the brain into various states to help with sleep, improve mood, focus and attention.

Your only commitment is to use the system on a regular basis for a minimum 4-6 weeks as the effect is cumulative. And we give you 3 months to experience the effect first-hand for yourself.

Among the major issues affecting millions every day is the debilitating effects of insomnia and poor quality sleep.

Sleep quality is often linked to an over-active mind caused by unhealthy levels of stress. A good night’s sleep is one of the most important of all quality-of-life issues.

Among its many direct health impacts, numerous published university studies show that chronic, short sleep duration is directly associated with significantly higher incidences of obesity, memory loss, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and depression among its other impacts. MindSpa is an effective tool in combating these issues.

Designed to fit busy, active lifestyles, MindSpa light and sound sessions typically run between 22 to 30 minutes. With regular use of MindSpa over several weeks, you will experience noticeably better sleep quality and find yourself more calm, focused, and more relaxed as you face common, every day challenges. It is like getting physical exercise, except think of this as exercise for the mind!

Purchase the MindSpa Personal Development System $349.95

How to use MindSpa Personal Development System

Using MindSpa is easy! Here is all you have to do…

First - choose from one of the 18 built-in sessions.

Next - put on our light-emitting glasses along with our headphones.

Now - just sit back, press start, take a couple of deep breaths, then simply close your eyes.

As the outside world fades away, you will begin to see the rhythmic patterns of light flickering behind your closed eyelids. You will also hear soft, gentle beating rhythmic tones. Almost immediately you will begin to enter what is referred to as the alpha brainwave relaxation state.

After just the first few sessions you will begin to notice improvement in stress relief and improved focus and attention. 

Within a few short weeks you will begin to experience a number of positive changes including longer, better quality sleep and an improved sense of well-being.

As the effect is cumulative, you will initially gain optimal, long-term benefit over four to six weeks with additional cognitive enhancement over time. Regular use is all that is required.

We recommend you use MindSpa sessions at least three to five times per week. It is also fine to use it as often as twice per day should you so desire. 

It really is up to you as to what your lifestyle allows as long as you maintain regular use. Generally a session in the morning or in the afternoon is all that you need for great, long-term results!

Our 90-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

We are so confident that MindSpa will produce positive, long-term results for customers, like you, we give you an unconditional *90 day risk-free trial to prove it will work for you as we promise.
*Please see our Shop page for our full return policy.

**Free Priority Shipping on all US orders of $200 or more!

We are proud to report that our customer return rate is near zero! We guarantee that you will experience great results and that you will be fully satisfied.

Please go to our testimonial section to read what hundreds of our customers are saying!

We are the only company standing 100% behind our products for three months of use or your money back.

*For refund, return within 90 days of the date of purchase. Sorry, software is non-refundable.

  Among our Favorite Testimonials…

I had terrible insomnia before using the Mindspa. Now I usually sleep 6-8 hours at night and once a week or so I have an afternoon nap. 

After 6 weeks my panic attacks went from 6 or 7 crippling attacks in 24 hours lasting anything from 2 to 5 hours each, to two a day lasting an hour or less. This week my pa’s are once every couple or three days and last very little time.

I can also function through them so they no longer interfere with my life nearly as much. So much so that in April I couldn’t make it to the bathroom with out a pa. Today I have come back from 3 days camping. I had a little anxiety on setting up in the rain but otherwise panic attacks and anxiety are at an all time low. 

I am calmer. More focused. Less anxious. Recognise when I am feeling anxious or panicy before it really gets a hold and I am back to my old positive thinking self. 

I had been starting to feel very depressed but that lifted within 2 weeks of using my Mindspa. 

I have recommended the Mindspa to several people.  It has helped my anxiety, panic attacks, depression, pain levels, confidence and even my kidney function (probably by lowering steroids etc in my body). 

I still have a way to go but I know I always have my Mindspa to fall back on if I feel myself slipping.” 

 Philippa Woodsford – Nottinghamshire, UK


Our customer’s personal experiences include:

$349.95 + Free US Priority Mail Shipping

We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Try MindSpa for a full 90 days free of obligation!

MindSpa really works! The proof is that less than 1/8th of 1% are ever returned. *Return within 90 days of the date of purchase. We will refund your full cost less shipping charge. We promise you it is going to be one of the best investments you will ever make in yourself and it is risk free!

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MindSpa Over 24 years helping people worldwide!

Disclaimer: Information obtained from our website is not intended as a substitute for professional care and advice. We make no implicit or overt claims for cure or treatment of any medical or psychological disorders. No expressed or implied medical claims are made for A/V Stim products. The MindSpa Personal Development System® is the Registered Trademark of A/V Stim, LCC.

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uDream – Dream Dictionary Ultimate by Tony Crisp
Because better sleep is so central to what we do, we created a companion app, Dream Dictionary Ultimate. It is the most complete dream resource guide ever produced.

Our dream dictionary is the culmination of more than thirty years work by noted author and one of the world’s most recognized and respected dream therapists, Tony Crisp. The equivalent of owning a six-volume dream encyclopedia and dictionary, it is organized to cover nearly every aspect of dreaming, dream interpretation and analysis, and the subconscious mind.

Free Gift

A/V Stim is about helping you relax and sleep well. Enjoy fifty wonderful minutes listening to a relaxing waterfall among the ferns and redwood trees during a mild winter rain. For use with or without MindSpa. "Winter Solstice" Recorded 12-21-2008 on Mt Tamalpais, Marin County, CA