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The MindSpa Personal Development System

“After 50 years of chronic insomnia, when everything I tried to help myself was a complete waste of time and money, to find this little gem was an answer to my prayers. It actually works!

“I would say to anyone who has a sleep disorder and is looking for a positive remedy, look no further than the MindSpa. It is a little gem! I wish I had found it years ago.”

Maureen Ayrton; Liverpool, England

Improving Your Quality of Life from the Inside Out!

With over 25 years experience in neurotechnology, health, sleep and stress, we are experts in helping people lead better quality lives.

Our sixth generation MindSpa®  helps improve your ability to get a good night’s sleep, reduce stress and enhance cognitive function through a well understood physiological process known as brainwave entrainment.

Think of the natural, meditative effect you feel when you gaze into a warm winter fire, or stare at a gently flickering candle. It is this process we fine tune to provide you with maximum benefit.

Using MindSpa is easy! Just put on our proprietary light emitting glasses and headphones, sit back, close your eyes and begin a relaxing light and sound session. MindSpa will do the rest!

It is the flicker frequency creating that calming, meditative relaxation effect.

MindSpa is a passive system requiring minimal effort and training on your part. Utilizing advanced photic driving techniques, this non-invasive technology will gently guide you into desired states to help improve sleep quality, mood, concentration, memory, focus and attention.

We guarantee results! Your only commitment is to use the system on a regular basis for a minimum 4-6 weeks as the effect is cumulative. Because we know how effective MindSpa is, we give you up to 3 months to experience the results first-hand for yourself or your money back.

Along with an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive manual you will receive great after-product support. We want to help make sure you are successful. This site is your education resource from the basics to the latest published data on sleep, mindfulness meditation, cognitive performance, stress reduction and general quality-of-life improvement.

How Often Do I Use MindSpa?

Designed to fit busy, active lifestyles, MindSpa light and sound sessions typically run between 22 to 30 minutes. Optimum benefit is through daily use but because the system is flexible several times per week is very effective as well.

With regular use of MindSpa over several weeks, you will experience noticeably better sleep quality and find yourself more calm, focused and more relaxed and in command of your life as you face common, every day challenges.

This is the best money I have ever spent!

– Jane R., Beaufort, South Carolina

It is like getting physical exercise, except think of MindSpa as yoga for your mind!

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$349.95 + Free US Priority Mail Shipping

We guarantee 100% satisfaction! 

MindSpa will work for you as it has for tens of thousands or your money back! 

MindSpa really works! Less than 1/4 of 1% are ever returned. If for any reason you are not fully and completely satisfied, return MindSpa within 90 days of the date of purchase and we will refund your full cost less our modest shipping charge. See details here

We promise you it is going to be one of the best investments you will ever make for yourself and it really is risk free!

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MindSpa Over 24 years helping people worldwide!

Disclaimer: Information obtained from our website is not intended as a substitute for professional care and advice. We make no implicit or overt claims for cure or treatment of any medical or psychological disorders. No expressed or implied medical claims are made for A/V Stim, BioWear products. The MindSpa Personal Development System® is the Registered Trademark of A/V Stim, LCC a Division of BioWear, LLC,

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AV Stim, LLC, Health & Wellness, San Rafael, CA
AV Stim, LLC, Health & Wellness, San Rafael, CA
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uDream – Dream Dictionary Ultimate by Tony Crisp

Because better sleep is so central to what we do, we created a companion app, Dream Dictionary Ultimate. It is the most complete dream resource guide ever produced.

Our dream dictionary is the culmination of more than thirty years work by noted author and one of the world’s most recognized and respected dream therapists, Tony Crisp. The equivalent of owning a six-volume dream encyclopedia and dictionary, it is organized to cover nearly every aspect of dreaming, dream interpretation and analysis, and the subconscious mind.


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A/V Stim is about helping you relax and sleep well. Enjoy fifty wonderful minutes listening to a relaxing waterfall among the ferns and redwood trees during a mild winter rain. For use with or without MindSpa. "Winter Solstice" Recorded on Mt Tamalpais, Marin County, CA

MindSpa for deep relaxation, mindfulness training and meditation!